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2010.12.06 (Mon)
02:32 from web (Re: @SH810
@SH810 me, too. I'm gonna plan a "off-meeting" after backing to Japan. Anyway, I can read Japanese, so you don't need to type ENG.
02:34 from web
I made new friend here. But I must go back soon. I believe we can meet again in Lausanne or in Fukuoka.
02:37 from web
Today's wine is dole. I opened the bottle using a memorial army knife. It worked really fine.
02:39 from web (Re: @i_luv_wine
@i_luv_wine I am sorry for late reply. I did not realized your twites. I will check the book.
03:53 from web
Something is happening at nearest crossroad. There are many armed pliceman. I asked a person, but he didn't know. I escaped before I'm shoot
18:14 from web
Today is the last day here. I wonder what I will do.
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